Saturday, May 30, 2015

Windows Live Writer Problem

Ever since I have been doing my blogs on I have been using Windows Live Writer as my editor. It integrated nicely with Blogger and the PreCode plugin made it really easy to add code snippets to the posts. Every thing was great until last week when I started getting an "Invalid Username or Password" error every time I tried to connect to Blogger from Live Writer.

A quick search of the Blogger and Microsoft support forums revealed that I wasn't the only one having this problem. It turns out the Google recently changed how external application authenticate when they connect to Blogger and even though they announced they would be making this change a while back Microsoft never updated Blogger. Initially the responses from both side blamed the other, but according to recent Twitter post by Scott Hanselman both companies are now working together on a fix that will be available "soon".
Update (6/2/2015): This problem has now been resolved. Thanks to Microsoft and Google for getting this issue resolved quickly.

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The True Fam said...

Hi mine works now too except it won't allow me to get videos from YouTube anymore. It just says error retrieving videos ?!