Friday, February 22, 2013

Syncfusion Succinctly series

I recently learned about a new series of free e-books from Syncfusion called the Succinctly series. If you have ever picked up a book on a technical topic you will know that they can run into the hundreds if not thousands of pages and normally cover their topic with great width and depth. This is fine as a reference book, or if you need to know everything about a technology, but what if you just need a quick introduction to something?

This is the goal of the Succinctly series. Each book is under 100 pages and provides an easy to read primer on a specific topic. If you have been reading my posts on the Salesforce REST interface, the book on HTTP would a good read. It provides a nice introduction to the technical details of the HTTP protocol. I found the level of the writing pretty good, it’s not overly technical but also isn’t dumbed down to the point where it will turn off technical readers. HTTP is topic that I was pretty knowledgeable about but I still learned a few things from this book.

Currently I am reading the one on Knockout.js and I am finding it as good a the HTTP one. I like that it didn’t spend a lot of time on introductory topics but jumped right into code samples.

I highly recommend checking out this series of book, you can find them here:

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