Friday, March 2, 2012

Visual Studio 2011 IDE Improvements

Yesterday I talked about some of the enhancements to the Solution Explorer in the Visual Studio 2011 beta. The one thing I didn’t show was the new file preview function. On the Solution Explorer icon bar there is a new toggle button called Preview Selected Item.


When this button is toggled on and you click on any of the files in Solution Explorer a preview of the file will be displayed in a tab anchored to the right side of the tab bar. If you click another file this tab will be replaced with the preview of that file. This makes it really easy to browse through files.


At this point the file is in preview mode. You can click on the icon next to the file name in the tab to make the file editable or just starting editing the file. Once it’s out of preview mode the file joins the tabs to the left and works like any other file.

Another new feature is the ability to pin files to the left side of the tab bar.


When you click the pin icon on a tab it will always stay on the left side no matter how many more files you open.

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